dragon on ostrich egg


Here you will find a selection of Duck, Goose and Ostrich eggs that I have painted, engraved and carved over the past couple of decades.

All of the eggs were decorated with original designs inspired by my interests in Nature and Art. As such, each egg is unique, original, and being “one-of-a-kind,” is highly collectable.

PAINTED EGGS – I use acrylic paint, and sometimes Gold leaf on my eggs. Then they are sealed with a clear glaze to protect the finish, and to add strength.

CARVED & ENGRAVED EGGS – I use a high speed dentist’s drill to engrave and carve into the egg shells. On some eggs I will cut right through the shell, while on others, I will carve a design into the shell without piercing it. I then seal the eggs with many coats of clear glaze to protect and strengthen them.

THE STANDS – I use a variety of stands, all of which are chosen to complement the design of the egg. I use gold plated stands, carved wood stands, non-precious metal stands, and egg hangers.